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Je m'enregistre mais..

MessageSujet: Je m'enregistre mais.. Sam 26 Déc 2009, 00:23

Bonjour! Mon français est terrible donc je continue en anglais.

Eh, I registered about three weeks ago but I haven't had any email that my account had been validated or anything. I didn't sign up for rp'ing specifically at this rpg anyway, but for another purpose. Let me just put it here for a headmaster to read, as I don't know how long the validating is going to take. I would have pm'ed you otherwise, but here goes.

I'm headmaster at the largest Dutch Hogwarts themed rpg and we've been playing with the idea of a real international triwizard tournament for a while. We've found an Australian rpg which wanted to join if we could find a third participant (we're by the way, and the Australian one is this one: ), I've been searching for quite a while for an rpg of another country, so with a whole other language, but still with quality posts and with some recent activity, and I came to the Beauxbatons website which came before this Durmstrang - and that's how I found this Durmstrang. c: So if you, admin(s), would be interested in joining us and Tally in a Triwizard Tournament, we'd be delighted. We haven't started anything yet, haven't set up anything - especially us Dutchies would really want to organise everything together with the possible three of us.

Love to hear from you,


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MessageSujet: Re: Je m'enregistre mais.. Sam 26 Déc 2009, 00:51

Hey Lwuun !

My english is a little bit rusted but I understood what you said ! \o/

So, I'm headmaster here (one of the two) and if we didn't accept your registration it's just because the name wasn't Russian. Normally it's ok now. If not, you will have to register again and we will accept it as soon as possible.

Concerning your proposition, it's a really great idea but it's a loooooot of work no ? I'm not sure all the players here can speak english or write some good Roleplaying post in shakespeare's language but it can be more realistic like this and a good training. x) Like you saw, Beauxbatons is closed now but if you can make abstraction of Russian speaking French, I think it can be a really great experience. We actually have a plot in progress but if you're not planning to "launch" this event right now, why not ? But we will have to discuss the details to be sure that we can keep the distance with everything... And I will have to see with my players if they are ok for this kind of experience. =}

By the way, if you have the adress of the two other forums, it would be usefull for us to make an idea. ^^



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MessageSujet: Re: Je m'enregistre mais.. Dim 27 Déc 2009, 14:19

.. .Luwl, I had put the links of both rpgs in but it disappeared. o.o

Anyway, we didn't plan on launching it right away indeed - we've got a plot going on too and I'm sure that Tally has one too. And also, because it's probably going to be quite a lot of work, we wouldn't be able to launch it that quickly anyway. XD

Not all the Dutchies are that good at writing English either, but that's the charm of it! The only ones writing really decent English will probably be the Australians, hehe.

Anyway, here's our link: (and don't get frightened by the crappy lay-out, we're waiting for an upgrade and then we can make a decent one)
And the Australian rpg:

Just add me to msn and we can discuss it further. :'D And I'm so relieved you're interested, haha!


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MessageSujet: Re: Je m'enregistre mais..

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Je m'enregistre mais..

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