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Is this new to you?

MessageSujet: Is this new to you? Jeu 04 Aoû 2011, 01:37

Hello. Wrong, DVD Decrypter doesn't encode. It is a decrypter and a burner program. DVD Shrink decrypts and encodes and uses Nero, Decrypter, or CopyToDVD to burn automatically. With the encoded file saved to the HD, any good DVD burner app can be used to burn the file encoded by Shrink. Sometimes DVD Decrypter is called on to rip files Shrink can't decrypt.As far as AnyDVD goes, you should have read the product description on the Slysoft web site. It is a driver type decrypter that runs in the background. Putting it simply, with AnyDVD running, the recording apps see the DVD as an unprotected source, AnyDVD eliminates the encryption and some other settings associated with the factory DVDs. I don't see how AnyDVD could mess up a drive, unless you did something weird to cause it. I've been using AnyDVD for a long time without any problems. AnyDVD along with DVD Decrypter have ripped even the most difficult DVDs I've run into.'Brobear' I was an earth-rim walker, a lurker at the threshold of the abyss. - Grendel -


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Is this new to you?

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